Friday, December 26, 2014

20 Things to do before you turn twenty

Turning 20 is almost like the end of an era ...
the end of your teenage years...
But luckily they ended after I could complete my bucket list.
Turning 20 means different things to different people, but few things which are common to all is that you become 'a solo bird' and form your 'individual identity' (and if you are lucky,you end up liking who you are becoming :-) )
p.s.-And here it is my Bucket List ...

  1. Learn how to ride a bicycle ( I know it's basic ,but if you know how to ride it ,give yourself a thumbs up. (y) ! )
  2. April fool someone every year :) (Make it grander & better each time).
  3. Exercise                                                                                                                                            Your body isn't going to stay 18 forever and trust me endorphins do make you really happy. :-)                                                        
  4. Join Yoga                                                                                                                                        And don't miss the laughing therapy. :-)
  5. Trying the one food that has always grossed you out                                                    (Like the epic Baingan ka Bharta or Amla ka Morabba,anything you loathe.)
  6. Travel ! ( Alone :-D )                                                                                                         Discover places you've never been before, celebrate nature and experience Vitamin D. ;-) 
  7. Learning how much you can do when you cut out all distractions                    (Welcome to girls college :-D)
  8. Buying yourself a pizza and eating it alone                                                                     It's fun :-D
  9. Research your family tree                                                                                           (Google your surname history, you never know if you turn out to be the last son of the lost king, jk :-) )
  10. Throwing a surprise party for someone you care about. <3
  11. Learning to say ILY to your friends ...                                                                           (It's more difficult than you think ! )
  12. Feeling like you've found a soul mate                                                                                 (For me it's you Sakshi Mehla <3)
  13. Overcoming at least one big fear...                                                                                      (Fear of public speaking ? ... go to the stage and sing even if you've been asked to deliver a speech) or in my case, singing for an interview ;-)
  14. Writing a love letter to yourself                                                                                             Write all your great qualities to yourself, years later when you open it, you remember all your greatest traits and feel incredibly good.
  15. Start a journal                                                                                                                         Your diary writing habit is going to pay you off in the long run... ( For me it's ...5 years of diary writing and still many more years to come.)                                                                                                                  
  16. Learn a foreign language                                                                                                     (Or any language or at least it's basics) you have apps,dictionaries and of course the internet for learning any new language.
  17. Vote                                                                                                                                                    Hey! you are older than 18 and you haven't exercised your voting power yet? (Jaago jaago jaago re! and no I am not advertising Tata Tea.)
  18. Do something non-conforming/setting a different kind of goal                           Go beyond your comfort zone,give more than you've been asked for,complete a job you hate and persist. (If you can do,any one of the above four ,people are going to remember you for a long time <3)
  19. Fall in love <3                                                                                                                                                                                                
    I'd summarise this point with the song, 'SENORITA'..."Chahat ke do pal bhi,mil paaye duniya mein yeh bhi kam hai kya."
  20. Start a Blog                                                                                                                              Back to square one! Do this and share your bucket list with us. :-)                                               Hope you enjoyed!